Coaches Corner


Coaches attend Level 1 Coach training in Kansas City!

Two coaches from the The First Tee of Omaha attended Level 1 Coach training in the spring of 2016. After completing all the Assistant Coach Training requirements, Coach David G. and Coach Greg J. became eligible to attend Level 1 Coach training. The three-day training that these coaches attended in Kansas City was hosted by The First Tee home office.  Coach training sessions like this allow coaches to improve their delivery of the Golf and Life Skills curriculum.

Assistant coaches complete on-line training!

Assistant coaches are invited each year to complete the Assistant Coach Training (ACT) module. This on-line course allows active coaches to receive introductory training and become familiar with the The First Tee’s Golf and Life Skills program. The ACT also serves as a pre-requisite for coaches wishing to hone their skills by attending a Level 1 Coach training that is lead by a team of master coaches from The First Tee home office.  Should you wish to support our program by sending one of our coaches to Level 1 Coach training, please contact our Executive Director.